Friday, April 10, 2015

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Selfless Service 

I wish to be millionaire as millions of dreamt about that some of them succeeded and got it own right path as they believe. But Every time I took my step forward I found myself very uneasy. I thought doing something for the society as I was also part of them. I have seen number of misery and suffering in my life. I have decided to do something different for the society, nation and of course for the world beyond humanity. We want to do everything in our life and achieve every thing. But that is beyond satisfaction. We satisfy our self for sometime, and run for the next one in next span. This is all about our life.

Selfless Service Purifies. What is the object in Seva or service? Why do you serve poor people and the suffering humanity at large? Why do you serve the society and the country? By doing service, you purify your heart. Egoism, hatred, jealousy, idea of superiority vanishes. Humility, pure love, sympathy, tolerance, and mercy are developed. Sense of separateness is annihilated. Selfishness is eradicated. You get a broad outlook of life. You begin to feel oneness or unity of life. You develop a broad heart with broad, generous views. Eventually, you get Knowledge of the Self. You realize the 'One-in-all' and 'all-in-One'. You feel unbounded joy.

We have a plan to start this Selfless Service so as to serve the society and the nation. Every body spends money and donates for the different charity. We are planning to have Rs. 1 from each person of the society and nation those who are able to donate. We have calculated that if each person will donate same amount, we will have Rs. 20000000 and we will open a School with all the infrastructure and state of the art technology for poor. Admission will be taken throughout India. Education will be totally free up to 10+2. Along with School, we have a plan to open an Old age Home for old persons. Everybody will part of it. After 10+2, our children will go for higher education, some of them will be guided to go for vocational training in different areas according to their interest.

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